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MAQLA-adiu is a multidisciplinary firm working in all branches of architecture, design, engineering, and infrastructure/masterplans. We have extensive experience in sustainable architecture, low-cost construction, housing, public buildings, and restoration projects.
In 2009, MAQLA’s architect, Emilio Llobat, designed a modular system that combines photocatalitic tiles with vegetal wall panels. Because it is modular, the designer can place it in any pattern and easily create fascinating combinations. This system can be deployed in new buildings or in renovation projects. These vertical gardens with photocatalitic tiles work to purify the air, reducing organic and inorganic substances (such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen-sulphur oxides) which are harmful to human health and to the environment. Additionally, the photosynthesis of the plants creates vitally important oxygen. Plants are maintained automatically through a water-saving drip irrigation system which includes the fertilization materials. The photocatalitic process in the tiles generates a small quantity of nitrates, which may also be used as fertilizers.

The result is a symbiosis of esthetic, climatic, and sustainable considerations to support environmental protection with creative architecture.

The system also allows the incorporation of any material plaque: ceramic, stone, wood, …. and combine the use with the plant panels as a ventilated façade, owing the incorporation of insulation.

If you’re interested in further information, try to e-mail us to We can design your façade, supply it (vegetal modules or both with ceramics) and help you in your own project/s.

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MAQLA-adiu Studio, from Castellon (Spain) was in the Central Pavilion, “Fundamental-facades” Exhibition, at 14th VENICE BIENNALE ARCHITECTURE  with “ECO-LIFEWALLS” façade, designed by architect EMILIO LLOBAT. From 7th june to 23rd November, 2014.

ECO-LIFEWALLS is a modular façade system that combines photocatalitic tiles with vegetal wall panels. This Exhibition showcased 12 types of façade which have been heavily influential to architecture over the past 100 years. ECO-LIFEWALLS is one of them.

Thanks to the invitation from OMA-Rem Koolhas, Alejandro Zaera-Polo and Princeton University (Jeffrey Anderson) we showed a real 1:1 mock-up (2×3 meters). It is a clear international recognition to the quality of this system, both technical and aesthetic.

The system has been designed and developed together with the company Air-Garden, who also supplied the material and human resources to exhibit at the Biennale. Both firms continue the research and development of this and similar systems. The company Gruppo Iris-Fiandre, provided, for this exhibition, the ecological tiles.




In 2015, MAQLA+AIR-GARDEN ECO-LIFEWALLS 1:1 green wall mock-up travelled to SOUTH KOREA, introducing some improvements: plants and plaques are at the same plane, using the same structure, and placing installations through this ventilated space. We have also made proofs with other materials and installed Krion plaques (by Porcelanosa). The ASIAN CULTURE COMPLEX (ACC), in GWANGJU, has a permanent Facades Exhibition, with samples that have been heavily influential to architecture. ECO-LIFEWALLS belongs to this PERMANENT COLLECTION. ACC Complex, sited in the place of May 18 Korean Democratic Uprising (1980), is one of the largest cultural projects in Asia. It is designed by the architect Woo Kyu-Sung who won the open international competition. ACC Museum opened at the end of 2015, to be a venue for balance Eastern and Western cultures, promote openness and communication, enhance cultural diversity and national competitiveness, harmonizing Asian Cultures with common spirit of democracy, human rights and peace. The institute estimates approximately 1,67 million people visit the cultural venue annually.




October 5,2018-January 19, 2019:  MAQLA+AIR-GARDEN ECO-LIFEWALLS panel and video are exhibited at The Sheldon Art Galleries (Bernoudy Gallery of Architecture), in Sant Louis, Missouri, (USA). The exhibition is titled “International Vertical Gardens” and we share space with other recognized professionals and projects from Jean Nouvel, Patrick Blanc, Bitecture, Kengo Kuma, Stefano Boeri Architetti, Stanley Hart White and others.


Eco-Lifewalls: green walls with bamboo and Krion panels, by MAQLA+AIR-GARDEN:

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