MAQLA | Conferences


– Azahar Group Headquarters, in Castellon. Architecture: OAB Carlos Ferrater-Nuria Ayala. Architect collaborators: Emilio Llobat-Teresa Ribeiro.

Emilio Llobat, from MAQLA-adiu, with con Carlos Ferrater and Nuria Ayala at the Conference “Isolation in façades. Environment and modern architecture”. National Spanish Architecs Congress, 01 july, 2009.

– Vegetal and ceramic facade Eco-lifewalls.

This facade, designed by Maqla and Air-garden, “ECO-LIFEWALLS”, exposed in one of the eight conferences at the Architecture Week, on 04 october, 2014, Mayor Sq. in Castellon (Spain). Speaker: Emilio Llobat.